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Tam Inspires Services

Fertility Consultations

We​ will discuss possible solutions to navigate the best holistic fertility option for you.


Charting 1 on 1

You will learn the many natural ways to track your monthly cycles to support your journey to conceiving naturally or learning new ways to prevent pregnancy.


Herbal Therapy

We will assess the best herbal therapies to promote a high elevating balance within your womb to conceive naturally.


Womb Detox

The womb is a sacred space for creation and growth. 

This womb detox will include: Sacred Womb Blessing: Reiki, Sacred Womb Blessing: Castor Oil Treatment, Sacred Womb Blessing: Yoni Steaming with Sacred Womb Blessing Herbal Blends.


Yoni Steaming

Yoni Steaming is a vaginal steam service that will truly enhance your sacred nature.


Womb Reiki

Balance and Restore the inner Goddess with a Reiki treatment from Tam Inspires.


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