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Thokozani, Juju Mamas!


I'm Gogo Aba Ghelo, but you can also call me Tam – your go-to Juju Mama on this wild ride called life. I'm not just your average sistah; I'm an initiated Sangoma and Spiritual Mentor, and I'm all about helping my Juju mamas unlock their wombs, heal those family bloodlines, and connect with their ancestors and spirit babies through some real-deal divinations and rituals.

I've been in the frequency of spreading love and healing juju for a minute now, and let me tell you, I've seen miracles happen! 


I'm talking hundreds of mamas and couples getting pregnant, and thousands walking away with their wombs and lineages mended.

And guess what? You have that same power too!

I've been blessed with the gift of connecting with spirit babies and other spiritual beings and uncovering blockages that keep us from creating, and through my fertility rituals, courses, and readings, I've helped countless women tap into their own maternal mojo.


Listen up, honey – your womb isn't just a space filler; it's got messages to deliver. It's a time-traveling, legacy-healing powerhouse. But before it can work its magick on you, it's gotta do a little self-love with you.


I'm here to be the flashlight in that womb of yours, shining on the shadows, and turning up the energy so high it breaks through timelines.

I'm not about the fluff – I'm about real, bold healing. Your womb holds the key to a whole world of transformation, and we're about to unlock it together.


So, let's get real, let's get bold, and let's dive deep into that powerhouse of yours. Miracles? Oh, they're just around the corner. Get ready, Juju Mama – we're about to shake things up!

Check my receipts!

“Sooooo I posted in my last review that I couldn’t wait to come back to give my testimony once my reading manifests....and here I am!! I had a reading on 4/8/21 and got my positive pregnancy test on 5/1/21!! EVERYTHING you predicted manifested (even my husband’s reaction 🤣🤣🤣) !! Thank you so much for your positivity and allowing your gift to bless me💕 ”

“Hi Tam
I purchased the fertility ritual for March . I just found out on Monday that I’m pregnant .
I thank you so much for your blessing
I can’t even describe in words of how much I
u “

“It was beautiful. She made my heart smile all while making me cry. She went in deep with
details and such encouragement. She is awesome.”

“Hey Tam! I just got a positive pregnancy test! 3 to be exact. We’ve been TTC for 2 years and
never had a positive test!! I did the fertility ritual and reading in January and the fertility ritual in
February. You said you see possible conception in 1-3 months and here I am a month later
pregnant!! FYI…I’m 44! Tell the future MTB to have faith and stay positive…it will happen!!”

“I got a fertility ritual Dec 4 and I got my positive Dec 31, After trying for 2 years my husband and
I are so excited. Thank you so much!

“I love Tam, I usually watch her videos and it's like listening to a big sister that really loves you. So
I booked my fertility reading in January and it made me teared up, that same energy, the love
and encouragement I had from my reading gave me so much hope”

“Everything about my reading was very ACCURATE!! The underlying issue she stated was
absolutely True... I've been suffering with the issue for many years and learned early on it was
from being put on birth control at the age of 12. She always gave me so much POSITIVITY to look
forward too...but I have a little work to do first... Thanks for your help and guidance.

“She is on point with everything”

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