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His Seed is His KARMA


😢Are you tired of womb issues that keep showing up again and again, even after surgery or changing your diet? 😮You think it's Fibroids, but it's really the Mother Wound. 😲It could also be because His Seed is His KARMA and now it’s your KARMA too!🤦🏾‍♀️ ✨This POTENT AF webinar uncovers the spiritual causes that I see in my fertility rituals and readings and ways to heal your bloodline through rituals. In this 1.5 hour webinar, you will learn about.... - The Power of Letting Go: Healing and Releasing for a Change - The Ancestral Mother Wound: Unlocking Generational Healing - Breaking Societal Roles & Rebuilding Relationships - The Power of Forgiveness: Healing and Ascending to Repair our DNA - Healing the Pain Within: Understanding the Connection to Fibroids - Unleashing the Healing Powers of Your Ancestral Bloodline - Unlocking Yourself Sets Your Bloodline Free 💫Bonus: His Seed is His KARMA, I talk about.... - Unforeseen karmic twist of your soulmate connection - The Surprising Truth About Forgiveness: Levels You Never Knew Existed! - Unlocking the Dark Side: Men's Vulnerability to Women's Spells - The Surprising Truth About Men's Arrogance and Karma You don't want to miss this POWERFUL Energy!

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