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500+ Pregnancies and thousands of healed wombs!

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I've helped countless Juju Mamas who have went through HELL and back with failed IVF, 5+ years of infertility, multiple miscarriages break down spiritual barriers and overcome fertility issues, no matter the diagnosis.


I've seen it all - PCOS, "geriatric pregnancy," even a tubal ligation reversal. Their lives were transformed through my Potent AF 🔥Fertility Juju offerings.

My Offerings:

Fertility Rituals

Fertility Readings



Tap in Sis!


Check my receipts!

"As soon as Tam began my fertility reading I knew she was the real deal. She read me like a book! My spirit instantly received the reading. She confirmed everything that I felt! She is a gem & very knowledgeable. So if you're thinking about getting a fertility reading do it! You'll leave the call feeling like you can take over the world & more than ready to fix anything that you need to. So happy that I booked a call. Thank you so much Tam!"

"I was definitely skeptical at first……wasn’t sure if this was something I wanted to try, but I did!!! So I had a fertility reading, and let me say she hit the nail on things. She mentioned things before the doctor mentioned certain things!! A promotion was mentioned….my eyes got so big!! Things she mentioned to do I’m doing."

“Hi Tam
I purchased the fertility ritual for March . I just found out on Monday that I’m pregnant .
I thank you so much for your blessing.
I can’t even describe in words of how much I

“Hey Tam! I just got a positive pregnancy test! 3 to be exact. We’ve been TTC for 2 years and
never had a positive test!! I did the fertility ritual and reading in January and the fertility ritual in
February. You said you see possible conception in 1-3 months and here I am a month later
pregnant!! FYI…I’m 44! Tell the future MTB to have faith and stay positive…it will happen!!”

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